Wednesday, October 28, 2009


For the third year we are celebrating RITMOS SOLIDARIOS, a charitable concert that brings together children from all the schools to show a bit of the work done throughout the school year.

In addition to providing the students with the possibility to show their art in front of an audience through this event we pretend to obtain funds to continue working another year in this project.

For this occasion we are going to count with the collaboration of a very special guest: CARLOS MEJIA GODOY Y LOS DE PALACAGUINA.!!!!

Carlos Mejia Godoy is one of the most important Latin American songwriters; his songs are authentic hymns in Nicaragua. Without a doubt, it is a big honor for us his generous collaboration and the children are more than excited to share the stage with a musician of his stature.! Have a look at this video, one of his most emblematic songs: "Nicaragua, Nicaraguita".

The concert will be on November 8th at 4 pm at Casa de los Tres Mundos and the entrance has a symbolic price of 30 cordobas (+ what everyone wants to contribute).

Those who cannot attend will be able to see it live on line and can still collaborate by buying the fourth edition of the Rhythm in the Barrios CALENDAR which has a suggested price of 8 Euros or $ 10 (each can contribute what they feel is right, last year we sold over 800 and the minimum paid for one was $ 2.50 and the maximum 100 Euros!).

Orders can be done through Facebook or sending an email to

We ship worldwide. After receiving the calendar, you can pay through Building New Hope's site or making a payment to an account that will be provided.

Again we are asking for you collaboration to help distribute calendars! (We can send 2, 5, 15, 50, or the amount needed and can be paid once they are sold).

We'll be looking fowards to hear from you!


Carlos Mejía Godoy

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What is the date and where is the concert?